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Nicaragua is a little known destination for most of the world's travelers. This part of our web site was made to help you learn a bit in advance about what the country has to offer. It is a summary and is not meant to represent all of the possibilities for the visitor. Your specific interests could very well bring new destinations to the forefront. We can suggest these other locales based on your input. This Nicaragua country information page includes a summary of Nicaragua nature parks and reserves, the San Juan River, Nicaragua's stunning volcanoes, Nicaraguan beaches, colonial cities and artisan villages.

Nicaragua Nature Reserves, Parks and Wildlife Refuges: Nicaragua has 78 nature reserves that cover more than 21,000 km2; the following list is a very brief summary of some of the parks which have enough infrastructure and nearby lodging to permit access to Nicaragua's spectacular nature without wilderness camping.

Nicaragua Volcanoes: All of Central America is blessed with beautiful volcanic cones, mountains of testament to our earth's immense power and its living, breathing interior. Nicaragua's volcanic chain is one of the most impressive on the isthmus due to beauty of the cones and the fact that all of the more than 50 cones (7 active which are active) rise off of a flat coastal plain that lies just above sea level. This gives the Nicaraguan volcanoes a starkly dramatic profile and makes them accessible to climbers, hikers and walkers.

Nicaragua Pacific Coast Beaches: Nicaragua's Pacific Coast is blessed with kilometers of pristine undeveloped coastline. This is slowly changing, but many of the beach projects are ecologically friendly and there appears to be reason to hope that Nicaragua can develop beach tourism without razing the coast and planting concrete jungles. Below is a very small sampling of what is available to date, though much more is planned, so please inquire of what's new if you are interested in beach time without beach crowds.

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